Nerds in New York

Nerd of the day is known for being a part of nerd culture. We visit cons and events all over the US and share nerdom of all manner with all of you. There is more to nerd, however than cons and pop culture. Let me show you some of the cool things we nerded out on While on location in New York for Comicon. 

Dinosaurs: Most nerds (and well just everyone, in general, all the time ever) love dinosaurs. What’s not to love? Dinosaurs are awesome. As Nerds in the city, we absolutely had to visit the most famous place in the country to see the biggest and best collection of dinosaur fossils and complete skeletons in America. The Natural History Museum. Take a look at the awesome things we saw

Human Modification

What??? That’s right one of the highlights of our trip was the episode of Star Talk with Neal Degrasse Tyson where the topic was human modification and the ethics of modifying human genetics as well as augmenting our physiology via both internal and external methods.

Animals: The Bronx Zoo is the largest and most amazing zoo in America. 256 archers and just under 120 years old. This zoo has over 4,000 animals and 650 species. You really can’t imagine a zoo like this, you have to see it for yourself.

Architecture: you may not know this but the city of New York is only a few years short of 400 years old. What’s cool about this is that there are in fact things that old in the city. The amazing mix of modern buildings awesome natural flora and fauna, and truly beautiful old stonework cathedrals and living history all intertwine to make this a magical place. The kind of place I would want to live if I was an author. Check out some of the cool things we saw.

Food: New York is a world-class food city. New York is known for certain things, of course, such as iconic pizza but in a city like New York, you can get literally anything you’d ever want to try. From street food to 5 stars check out what we had the privilege to experience.

Art: Art and the city are synonymous. Art is everywhere in the city not just in the museums. Art can’t be explained with words so please take a look at some of what we saw.