15 years of death

This year at Tucson Comic Con we had the awesome privilege of being able to attend the Coffin comics 15-year celebration. Having lived here in Arizona for a good portion of my life I remember iconic characters such as Lady Death and Evil Ernie from when I was a teen reading comics in the shops near where I lived.

When I was first introduced to the characters they were under the name Chaos comics. Creator Brian Pulido spoke in a spotlight panel at TCC very candidly about the long road that brought him from Chaos comics, through a time of chaos in himself where he was not publishing and not totally sure what would come next and ultimately a rebirth with his current company Coffin Comics. He explained that his new venture started with a small run of limited prints he was asked to create as exclusives for Dragon Con in 2007. He needed a name to put on the comics and though he says he doesn’t quite remember how he essentially stumbled on the name randomly and used it not really aware at the time that it would be the first step in a so far 15-year journey in one of the most successful comic publishing companies around.

Brian who is very charismatic and can talk to a room full of people he’s never met just as easily and engagingly as one might a small group of friends, very humbly gives credit to his team. telling hilarious stories about having to run the company out of a storage unit eventually getting caught and kicked out leading them to their first office space it sounded like a really good movie to this fan.

The room collectively geeked out as the crew spoke passionately about their work with Coffin Comics, about the incredibly high standard, and how they have all grown as artists because of the time spent there as well as the top-tier talent that is always being tapped by Coffin. We even got to hear Brian speak about how it would be a dream to be able to write a night of the living dead script and how his dream comic cross-over would be Lady Death and Spawn.

On the off chance that Todd McFarlane reads this please give Brian Pulido a call and work that out cause the fans are totally here for it.

Ultimately the amazing panel ended with the question “what’s next for Coffin Comics?” and the whole crew says in unison “more!”

And I for one, can’t wait for it.

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