5 Venders you should look for next time you’re at Phoenix Comicon

1.Very Awesome Girl’s AZ

Very Awesome Girls PHX

We had the pleasure of Meeting these awesome ladies at free comic book day at the Drawn to Comics store in downtown Glendale. They were back again at Phoenix Comicon so we had to say hi once again. These ladies make and sell various pieces of art and give all their proceeds to different charities. These charities include things like animal rescues and programs for underprivileged children and even some to help the victims of domestic violence. It’s an awesome job they do and a great heart they have so we put them at the top of our list of great people to look out for when you’re out at cons and events in the Phoenix area. you can also connect with them on their Facebook page here


2.Firechilde Glass Studio

Firechilde Glass Studios

Firechilde has been at every Comicon since I can remember and always with the most amazing glass artwork you have ever seen. It’s like having your own galaxy within a glass sphere sitting on your desk. Take a look at some of these awesome pictures that don’t quite do justice to the amazing effect of color and depth that Firechilde gets into each of these great pieces. Check them out at cons across the country or online here.


3.Graphics Lab

Graphic Lab

Ok, so your probably saying what is so special about t-shirts at Comicon. well, how about the best price on some of the best t-shirts at Comicon? do I have your attention now? These guys have some great designs, mashups of your favorite pop culture shows and characters and they stand behind their work with all their contact info printed on the inside tag of their shirts. Check these guys out for sure at Con and online.


4.Railing Kill:

railing kill

These guys have been at the con the past few years and I have taken pictures of their stuff a few times. now I finally get to use some for this article. These guys have their own home made Crow and Tom Servo from MST3K and some really cool handmade stuffed version of many characters. if you’re a collector this might just me the best place to get that “to die for” piece.




Hentai, it’s not porn! lol ok, so it’s a little like porn but with a major difference… its hand drawn it’s artistic its well though out it tells a story that is deep and passionate but yes, in the end, there are people doing it. this shop at con is a pretty cool one, however. if you are a hentai fan you have probably seen them out on the floor they have a great array of Hentai books t-shirts that range from in your face to tongue in cheek and even skateboard decks. each is designed by a Japanese hentai artist exclusively for Fakku so it’s a pretty neat addition to any collection.