8 Great places to eat when you’re at Phoenix Comicon

Well another year at Comicon has passed, what do we do now? Start planning for next year. Whether you’re a Phoenix resident or come to con from out of town this list is a must for you.

Phoenix Comicon is an amazing event that kicks off summer in the Phoenix area. Thousands of people come to support their favorite books, comic, shows, movies, anime and more at a 4-day long convention that literally hosts hundreds of vendors, special guests, and events. While Phoenix Comicon is an awesome way to spend the week it is important to know about the fantastic food and fun available around the con.

Here is out top 8 list of fun and fantastic food to try when you’re at Comicon.

1.The Kettle Black:

Nerd of the day The Kettle Black

Phoenix Comicon The Kettle Black

Irish style Gastropub located at 1 N 1st St. This place has an awesome atmosphere. Imagine the all wood look and feel of a traditional Irish pub but with a big portrait of Biggie on the wall. Hip hop music playing lightly in the background as you dive into an amazingly imaginative menu which includes pork belly sliders great burgers and the show stopper, the Philly cheese steak fries. This place is a must while at the con.

2.Pizza Studio:

Pizza studio

Phoenix Comicon Pizza Studio

Called the “Subway of pizza shops” by trip informer, this place is really a lot of fun and easy on the wallet. With a lot of really imaginative choices including multiple crusts, toppings and fun additions like truffle salt and balsamic glaze, this place makes for a quick and fun inexpensive lunch but there’s more. As the name implies the dining area of this fun lunch spot is an art gallery. Showcasing the artwork of local artists and many different genres and styles of work from pop culture to fine art, all of which can be purchased, this place is a really cool spot to check out. Check them out, 11 W Washington St #120.

3. Matt’s Big Breakfast:

Matt's Big Breakfast

Phoenix Comicon Matt’s Big Breakfast

The absolute staple of a great day at the con is an amazing breakfast and no one offers a more amazing breakfast than Matts Big Breakfast. Located at 825 N 1st St, in downtown Phoenix Matts offers an amazing range of fantastic food. Be ready to wait for a bit, however, cause the secret is out about good ole’ Matt’s. Try their Chicken apple sausage or their amazing rosemary potatoes. We have been to Matt’s many time and have never been disappointed.


Novel Ice Cream

Phoenix Comicon Novel Ice Cream

This place is my new favorite, the star of our con culinary adventures this year. This place makes amazing handcrafted ice cream make exceptionally well and served up in a number of fun ways by a husband and wife team who are both super passionate about what they’re doing. It totally shows in the superior quality of their product and their service. The standout, of course, being their “Dough Melt” a hot fresh doughnut sliced down the middle with amazing ice cream in the center. My God… you simply can’t imagine how good this is. Highly recommended for a great treat near con. you can find them at 1028 Grand Ave #6



Phoenix Comicon SoSoba

This is a fun Gastropub that definitely flirts with the line. This place serves a fusion of Asian food and American with a splish-splash of Latin influence. such as the Kimchi Tostada, Which had some spicy pulled pork, house made kimchi and a spicy aioli sauce atop a traditional corn tortilla tostada. They also have noodle bowls that mix a lot of tradition Asian techniques and lots of American meat preparations and spice. this is a unique experience and according to their own posters, will be something you’ll love or you’ll hate.  214 W Roosevelt St,

6.Tom Yum:

This is a great little traditional Thai/Chinese place serving up a lot of great authentic dishes. Tom Yum in Thai means “Hot and Spicy” and if you are like me, you enjoy stepping out a little bit and trying Asian food that might be a little outside what you’re used to. This is just that. These dishes are all traditionally prepared with fresh ingredients and while it may be a little different be prepared to fall in love. We personally recommend the pad thai. 110 N Central Ave

7.Lou Malnatis:

Lou Malnatis

Phoenix Comicon Lou Malnatis

This place doesn’t need any introduction cause it’s world famous but like me, some of you may not be aware that its here. Lou Malnati’s is a super force in the traditional Chicago deep dish pizza game. In fact, Lou Malnati himself was one of the originators according to legend. is this title accurate? Yes!!!! this is one of the very best pizzas I have ever had and I am a native New Yorker. if you didn’t know Lous was here in town or just haven’t made it out yet, we totally recommend it. 100 East Camelback Road

8. Creamestry:

Ok, so truth be told we haven’t actually tried the ice cream here, Why? because we couldn’t get in the door. This place is cool, no pun intended, they hand make ice cream right in front of your eyes in some amazing flavors using a liquid nitrogen rig that allows them to flash freeze something wonderful just for you. This place is actually right next store to Lou Malnati’s and we recommend you try it and let us know how you liked it. We are sure going to make the effort to get into this place and try it ourselves as well. 100 E Camelback Rd #150

Written by: Eli Berberena NOTD