A few years ago we were at Saboten and wondered by a room with a panel going on inside. When the people inside saw us waling slowly by they called out to us and invited us in. Never having been invited into to a panel personally before we (my wife and I) entered. The panel was BJD meet up. BJD for those who don’t know are Ball Jointed Doll. This chance meeting has forever changed our con experience.

The people who were in this room were so joyful about their dolls. They shared with us all so openly everything about their passion and even shared with us the truth that they weren’t always met with happy responses when they talk about their dolls. In spite of having met with some less than receptive and yes even judgmental people in their pasts they still joyfully shared their world with us, two perfect strangers.

Since that con we make it a point to go and see these amazing people every time we can. This is a room that will get you up out of any funk you might be in. Their excitement is so genuine its like someone bottled the joy of Christmas eve. This year we ended up at an event they had which was technically for collectors but true to form they invited us right in gave us candy and told us all the new stories about their new dolls as if we were all family.

I’s not the place we expected to find the essence of, what this humble writer thinks, everyone is looking for, but it is definitely where I found one of the truest representations of the whole community that makes Monkey Paw Con’s the best. No matter how much they grow they have some of the finest people who are genuinely and kind to one another.

In the world we live in today this is a rare thing. I applaud the members of the BJD panels this year and every year really, for exemplifying such a beautiful way to behave.

Their Dolls are so beautiful as well. We have some images here that don’t truly do justice to how amazing they are. I definitely recommend stopping by their events at Sabo 2020 to not only see these beautiful Dolls but also to meet these wonderful people.