Taiyou 2018

Awesome TShirt Taiyou Con 2018

2018 is off to an amazing start and the new year of Cons has begin with the increasingly awesome Taiyou con in Mesa AZ. Our readers know that are total con junkies and attend cons all over the country of all different sizes but we are based out of Phoenix AZ and anime is our passion. Taiyou con was right up our alley.

First and foremost we wanna thank Taiyou con and its wonderful staff for having us. It was our first time and we definitely hope to make Taiyou one of our yearly stops.

My con highlight was an aswesome panel we went to that was focused on buying and selling anime, figures and more from Boogiepope. First off this panel was increadible informative and a lot of fun but it was the conversation we had after the panel that really embodied the glory of smaller anime cons. There was about 10 of us all speaking about Taiyou con and discussing other cons wed been to. And in a conversation that included such powerhouse cons as New York Comicon and Anime Expo, everyone in the group all recognized the simple fact that small cons have the real community.

The atmosphere created when real genuine fans come together. Building their own cosplays, sharing their most recent and favorite collectibles, joyfully spreading the word about the newest shows they watching and manga they’re reading. There is just a glee in the air. A safe place to love anime and just be humans together. Young and old, male and female, all backgrounds, you might be a school teacher or a student or even a tax accountant out in the word but inside Taiyou were all just happy fans doing and sharing what we love and that is the thing that can be emulated, cant be faked or bought or even touched. The genuine and passionate community of fans.

No matter where we go or what we do we will always love cons like Taiyou and we will always encourage anyone who can go, to go. You wont regret it.
Taiyou we hope to see you again, amazing Job, Amazin con fantastic guests, events, venders even a boba truck. Awesome time.