Tucson Comic-con 2017

As long time comicon attendees we have been to cons all over. Each con has its own special flair and atmosphere and Tucson was an amazing example of just that. With around 12,000 attendees this was a smaller con for us however the excitement and the love for all things pop culture was tangible.

This year had an amazing guest list, we had a blast hanging out with Barry Bostwick, Nell Campbell and Patricia Quinn from the Rocky Horror Picture show, and Gates Mcfadden from Star Trek TNG was there hanging with the Guys from the Star Trek Tucson fan group.

Cobra arcades which is coming to Tucson in the sparing, brought their arcade games which is a cool new thing that has started popping up at cons we have been to recently and in the middle of it all the Guys from Impact Wrestling came out to preform cosplay wrestling.

We met the delightful Madame Askew and the Tucson Steam Punk Society and were introduced to the exciting world of teapot racing, Madame Askew who was a delight by the way has many different Victorian and steam punk events she is involved with including full tea parties and she even spoke about perhaps adding a summers ball to her event list. be on the look out for that. you simply must check this out if you see it at your next event. Sweet baby Tesla as she would say.

There was an interesting array of food trucks with many different fun options and decent pricing including my personal favorite, the Puerto Rican food truck. Not just the first I’ve seen at a con but the first I’ve seen anywhere ever. Very cool! In addition, there was Mexican, Fancy fries stir fry Chinese and even specialty deserts.

The cosplay was off the charts. Some of the most innovative I have seen. We travel and go to cons all over. What I found the most interesting is how many people were in full costumes. Normally at con we see a few people wearing some minor accessories or a visor or carrying a cosplay weapon and a few wearing full blown costumes. The majority of course aren’t wearing anything special just comic t-shirts and the like. Tucson comicon had a lot of cosplayer’s and the vast majority where wearing not just full costumes but some that were very innovative and complex and of course awesome We had a blast in Tucson, we were honored to be a part of their 10 year celebrations and we hope to be back next year

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