Tucson Comic Con 2022

Tucson Comic Con is back! After the pandemic slowed (and in some cases even close) down our con-going schedules, it was great to come back. It’s quite clear that Tucson Comic con was just as eager as where the attendees were to get back to the fun and excitement. The last time we attended TCC was in 2017 and we had a blast but 2022 was even better. The convention has grown into the amazing space they use quite well.

As many of you probably recall TCC used to be held later in the year but moving forward they plan to stick with the Labor day weekend time along with a lot of new ideas moving forward as explained by Brian Pulido TCC co-owner. You probably recognize the name from his thriving comic company Coffin Comics and his previous company Chaos comics and iconic characters such as Lady Death and La Muerta to name a few.

Fueled by a lifelong love of comics and a remarkable career in the industry including a lot of convention experience he and his team bring a lot of great energy to the event.

We came to TCC this year from Phoenix and its really an amazing contrast as TCC seems to hug the line between a big city convention with all the big events, great guests, and big-name cosplayers and presenters and a smaller convention with a true and pure fan base of those who come not just for the big names but because they truly love the stories, the artwork, and the lore that comic conventions all have at their core. When you couple that with the awesome, artsy and laid-back environment that the city of Tucson has to offer, this convention is  an absolute must.

We wanna say a very special thank you to the staff of TCC for allowing us to be there and to cover this wonderful event and tip our hats to all of you who worked hard to make a lot of people very happy this Labor day weekend.

We can’t wait to come back.

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