Getting Hyped for UWU 2

Last year in October we had the overwhelming pleasure of attending the first ever Uwu con in Mesa AZ and we were blown away.

In the greater Phoenix area there has really only been a few names in the space of Anime themed pop culture conventions to choose from, when Uwu con debuted it hit the ground running with a list of guest and attractions that dwarfed most (if not all other) names in that space.

The location, while a little out of the way, was an amazing space with lots of areas for the different events and aspects of the convention. Legacy Park is a huge complex that is set up to host several large scale events at the same time had a massive amount of space and the possibilities are endless. We caught up with some representative from Uwu a couple months back at Arizona Ani-Con and they told us that not only will they be using more space but had an even better layout.

The big comment we heard over and over last year aside from what an amazing lineup they had for their debut was how much everyone loved the way they made use of the space . we have all been to conventions that had bad flow and it makes for a hard time getting around and finding what you want and over all it makes for an exhausting experience. Uwu was lighters a head of the game in this area the flow of the con was very intuitive things were easy to find there was lots of signage and staff to help if you had any questions they had great security and everyone had a blast in large part due to their expert utilization of space and resources.

What’s next for Uwu?

Cosplayer uwucon 2022 Woman dressed as Japanese school girls with kitty ears

We can’t wait to see how it has grown this year.

Last year their guest list had some big names and this year is no different, Names like Freddy Prinze Jr, Dante Basco,  Jonny Yong Bosch,  Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Rocco Fajardo and that’s not even half the list.

We have some friends in the convention vendor community that have told us they are gearing up big time to bring the newest designs and best of their inventory to market which we are excited to see. One of the greatest things last year was the variety.

If you go to conventions often you end up seeing a lot of the same general items, last years vendor haul had a lot of things we had never seen before in a convention vendor hall setting and we are looking forward to that as well.

Last but not least is the food. Now we have been to Anime pop culture conventions in mulitiple states and all over AZ, we have been to huge events and small and I can say from much experience that no one pulled out the stops like Uwu did. They had a lot of awesome food trucks and vendors on site and everyone one of the was Asian pop-culture-centric. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind other types of food but after a day of Anime shopping, panels and events to come out to a dongo truck or a snack from Neko market or an amazing drink from Mango Rabbit, just kept me in that anime zone and I for one loved it. I’m getting excited as  write this and we still have almost 2 months left to wait…

All in all This is an awesome event the show runner are clearly attuned to what fans love and they put a lot of heart int to it we highly recommend this convention we are making it a staple in our yearly convention calendar