Showing some love for Tucson Comic Con

This past weekend marked, yet another, amazing experience at Tucson comic con. We have been to Tucson a number of times in the past but the 2022 TCC was the year we decided to make TCC our staple convention for September.

And why, you might ask?

Well we will tell you all about it…

What Makes TCC great

After 12 years of convention going and media coverage we have seen conventions of all sizes, we have seen cons with 120 attendees and we have see them with 300,000 attendees. Each conventions has its own charm. You go to some conventions cause they have the guests or celebs you are interested in and you go to some because they have the fan communities and friends you love. Each convention has a pieces of the over all puzzle.

TCC, the best of both worlds

Tucson comic con on the other hand actually strikes a nearly perfect contrast between being a small town convention and being a huge show and to this con goer, it is in all the perfect ways. While Tucson comic con boast big name guests like you might see at Phoenix fan fusion, This year We had a chance to see Chandler Riggs, (the Walking Dead’s Carl) and Gary Gygax. Last year we were there for the

Events and Special Guests

15th anniversary of Coffin Comics with founder Brian Pulido and Joel Gomez. In years past we were even able to watch the Rocky Horror picture show with almost the entire cast. These experiences among many others are only ones we have at huge comic con events and yet while these awesome events are standard fro TCC there is also a wonderful juxtaposition of local and small group cosplayers and guests, great fan panels and impromptu d&D games that sometimes break out at any given empty table in the hall.  

TCC has the bang for your buck

One of the best contrasts to me is the fact that while there are big name guests and events the prices are very reasonable. Most conventions can cost hundreds of dollars per ticket while TCC is around $60 for a whole event ticket. Vendor halls, which are notorious for being very expensive we found plenty of loot that didn’t break the bank.

Tucson has a city policy that all public transit is free on top of which Tucson itself is a very beautiful and artistic city so anywhere you stay you have access to transportation to and from the convention center.

When you put all this together it makes for a great weekend full of all kinds of fun events, big name guests, tight knit community and fandom connections good prices great vendors and more. We definitely suggest putting TCC 2024 on your list for the coming year