Tucson Comic Con 2023

Tcc is always a great time and this year was right on track as TCC fast becomes a major convention in AZ.

TCC Guests

This year saw many amazing Guests such as Chandler Riggs whom you know from having played Carl Grimes in the block buster series “the walking dead”.  Thos of you who followed the show watch him grow up in a zombie infested world where he picked up a sharp mind as well as some keen fighting skills. He was a smart kid and a natural leader and even though he endured many awful traumas his character was able to keep his compassionate heart and be kind to those in need. It might surprise you to learn that in real life he is pretty true to that character and even has a repudiation among fans of his as being a very humble and caring celebrity. Making sure he greets all his fans and that they are not pushed or pulled away while trying to speak to him. If you came to see him, he came to see you and that is a very cool way to look it in our humble opinion.

Dungeons and Dragons at TCC

This years convention had an air of excitement as Luke Gygax, son of D&D co-create Gary Gygax was in attendance and rumors where circulating that somewhere in the convention center he was DM’ing a secret D7D campaign that was invite only. We were unable to confirm those rumors but honestly we are happy believing that they were 100% true.

Many other great names were in the building From the Honky Tonk man a classic Wrestler, to Tracy Lynn Cruz the yellow ranger and plenty more.

Acclaimed Comic book artists and Authors at TCC23

World renowned artist James O’Barr creator of the Crow. Brian Pulido creator of Lady Death, Derick Riggs create of Eddy the infamous mascot for Metal band Iron Maiden and Joel Gomez creator of La Muerte just to name a few.

There truly where guests and events for any taste of fan all in one spot. There was all the normal fan fair as well, fun food, great (and reasonably priced) shopping, all the fan culture stickers, t-shirt, buttons and collectables you could ever want and even more still.

TCC 2023 was a blow out success and a must visit for next year. We for sure will be there.